Samples of our work

Below you'll find a few examples of the different type of work we do!  If you'd like any more information on anything, head over ot the contact page and drop us a line!

Music Video

"Climate Change"

Up next is a music video for Plastic Yellow Band's "Climate Change."  The video was directed by Alexander B. Taylor.

Short documentary

"Child Enrichment"

This is a short form documentary for Child Enrichment, an Augusta non-profit organization that helps to remove children from physically and sexually abusive homes.


"Ballroom Dance Center:  Two Left Feet"

A tongue-in-cheek commercial for the Ballroom Dance Center in Evans.  Make sure to pay attention to the patient's condition.

Author Interview

"Preservation and Purpose:  The Making of a Young Milennial" This is an example of an interview done for an author talking about his new book.  This is just one of the many examples of one of our interviews -- we love to sit and interview people for our projects!