Music Videos

A staple of our company has always been music videos, mostly due to our first fully produced music video that made its way into rotation onto BET's Video Gospel television show.  That video opened the proverbial flood gates and we've done videos for artists from gospel to rock, and even a few for a singing Rabbi.  Five of our music videos have been nominated at national awards shows - two Gospel Stellar Awards and three BET Music Awards for Gospel music!

"Baby Says Bling's The Thing"

Ca$h Bled$oe

"Baby Says Bling's The Thing" was a fun video to help write and film.  The concept began with the idea of "Baby" being a thief, and evolved into the story you see below.  We shot it in the vein of one of Denton's favorite tv shows, "My Name Is Earl."


"Climate Change"

Plastic Yellow Band

"Climate Change" was written to be an interpretive piece of visual art.  The artist had a meaning behind the song, and wanted to convey it in two ways in the video.  We enjoyed producing it, as well as having Alexander B. Taylor direct it.


"Because It's Rosh Hashanah"

Rabbi David Sirrul

"Because It's Rosh Hashanah" was our first viral video.  The song and video were intended to be a musical greeting for the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah.  It was shared by people in 60 countries and received more than 140,000 views in its first two weeks of being posted.  It was also shown on Israeli television during Rosh Hashanah that year! 


We've done many more videos than what you see here.  If you'd like to see more of our work, head over to our Youtube page Here!