About Us

We are a video production company based out of Augusta, Georgia. We're passionate about our work and hold ourselves to a very high level of quality.

We love to entertain people and feel it is a gift to enhance someone's life and through storytelling, even for only an hour or two, or, even just thirty seconds.

A lot of people ask us how we came about with the name Bryton Entertainment, LLC. It all started when we decided to form our business. Everyone encouraged us to make our name represent the type of work we do. We knew we wanted to entertain, so we decided to go with "Entertainment.''

Now the question was "well, what, or who, does the entertaining?" After trying several different names, we turned to the simplest thought. Here's that thought..as well as it can be remembered:

"Why don't we just take the first three letters of your name, and the last three of mine...we could be "Denyan Entertainment."

"Denyan? I don't know about that, why don't we switch it around - try "Bryton?"

Well after a few moments, we both agreed that "Bryton Entertainment" would be our call sign to our awaiting customers.

After opening our "doors," we added the legal abbreviation, LLC (limited liability company), to the end of our new beloved name, as per the requirements listed in our LLC filing papers with the great state of Georgia.